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Do you know how to effectively clean your braces? Are you aware of any treatment techniques you should use to keep them in tip-top shape? The most important thing you can do is to follow all protocols and instructions given to you by your orthodontist. Also, be sure to attend your regularly scheduled appointments, because failure to do so can potentially delay your recovery time.

When wearing braces, always wear a mouth guard if you are involved in any high-risk activities that could put your mouth at risk, such as contact sports. You can also wear helmets, and face masks as well. If you should suffer a malfunction to your braces, such as a wire snapping off, do not try to cut it off. Instead, cover it with a piece of wax and call your orthodontist. Never try to fix a broken set of braces on your own, always allow a professional to examine them.

Keeping your mouth safe includes continuing to brush your teeth and floss once daily. With many types of braces, traditional dental floss thread may not be ideal. Instead try switching to a cleaner such as a water flosser, which uses a steady beam of water to clean between teeth.

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