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Are you aware that malocclusions are one of the most common disorders that orthodontic treatments are intended to fix? Malocclusions arise as bad bites that occur when teeth are out of position and alignment. If left untreated, malocclusions can result in chipped and cracked teeth, as well as worn tooth enamel and damaged gums. When deciding on which type of orthodontic treatment is best for your smile and your oral health care needs, it is important to determine which malocclusions are affecting your smile. Listed below are various forms of malocclusions:

– Crossbites: The lower jawbone juts out farther than the upper jawbone.
– Underbites: Also known as bulldog teeth, underbites occur when your lower incisors protrude out further than the upper incisors.
– Spacing Issues: Malocclusions that are recognized by overcrowded teeth or large gaps between teeth.
– Transposition Malocclusions: Occur when teeth rise above the gum line in the wrong space.
– Overbites: Also called upper protrusions or buck teeth, overbites occur when upper incisors jut out past the lower incisors.
– Open Bites: Open bites refer to a disconnect when upper and lower incisors do not touch when biting down.
– Rotation Malocclusions: Ailments that force teeth to rotate out of their proper alignment are called rotation malocclusions.
– Deep Bites: Also known as closed bites, deep bites occur when the lower incisors dig into the area behind the upper incisors.
– Misplaced Midlines: The center of your upper incisors (front teeth) does not correctly align with the center of your lower incisors, which results in misplaced midlines.

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