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Your TMJs (temporomandibular joints) are indispensable for a mouth that can fully function. These are the jaw joints that complete the process of moving your mouth to chew, speak, and eat. Although they’re one of the most used tools, they can easily sustain long-term damage due to this constant wear, often resulting in what is called TMJ disorder. Important facts regarding TMJ disorder include:

– You may find traces to underlying causes although not all TMJ disorders are accompanied by other ailments. Bruxism or teeth grinding can sometimes produce TMJ disorders.
– Have heat and ice packs ready for any pain or inflammation that may occur to ensure your smile is properly treated.
– If you bite your nails, chew gum, or eat extremely chewy foods, you can exacerbate a TMJ disorder.
– Meditation treatments may not seem the best remedy for jaw pain, but it might just surprise you that for certain patients it efficiently works.
– Try soft music, massage, yoga, and biofeedback to relax. This is helpful for releasing jaw pressure arising from stress.

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